Are you one of those people who have always wanted to do something adventurous but have been too scared to do it? I was one of those people until my interest in plant medicine and images of Machu Picchu in Peru inspired me to go to South America.

Little did I know the Amazon jungle would entice me to return to Peru for 3-6 months every year for eight years to study the plant medicine and build a small business.

I claimed a beautiful puppy named Chica who had been neglected and abused and had never known love.  She became my constant companion and protector. 


My  dream of embracing the simple life of meeting with shaman and making plant medicine lasted 8 years before it all turned nasty.

I was systematically robbed and deceived by my new friends. When I had nothing left to give, my personal safety was threatened which culminated in a shocking personal assault. 

I tell my story with brutal honesty and a wicked sense of humour as I share my good times together with the fearful times and gut wrenching sad times.

My plant medicine knowledge was seriously challenged when I became very ill.  This is a factual account of those times.

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After reading my book, you will possibly question why I returned each year considering the constant stealing, deceit and personal dangers.

I can only explain it by saying that the jungle and the river stole my heart - I loved it with a passion that is hard to explain!

I loved living in my little house just 20 metres from the river with my dog.

Also, my generation of women were raised to respect everyone and to always give the benefit of the doubt to anyone who we may think badly about. This made me a prime candidate for anyone to take advantage of me.

I have no regrets as I now know that if I had not been pushed to my limits, I would never have known I was not the whimpy person I thought I was.


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